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Tea Act and Boston Tea Party


“Tea Party is not a moss movement without the law, but it is not about a principle protest and the last choice for those who are willing to fight for their constitutional rights.”

-Samuel Adams-


Tea Act and Boston Tea Party

We know that the Boston Tea Party occured in 1773. It was American history. There was a cause who make the incident has occured, because there has been competition. The competition was selling tea from two different country, they are East India Company and Great Britain. The Boston Tea Party talked about colonist must be bought the tea from Great Britain. It must be bought from Great Britain because since 1773 America is the country that are colonized by Great Britain. But if they bought the tea, they must pay with the tax, and the tax was not cheap, but very expensive. Because of it, the colonists protested to Great Britain. It was the massive protest.

The massive protest is America’s action to oppose the wisdom from Great Britain. The massive protest had done by overthrowing the ship who brought the tea and they threw it into the sea in Boston. It has talked about tea party is not mass action without the law. Because of it, the Great Britain was very angry to America. They did not receive that America’s do for Great Britain. Then, they did not stay like they were really did not care about that, but they made like a treaty. It named intolerant act. It is for America. The contents of intolerant act is closed the Boston Harbour. They did it, because they want the public in Boston know that and they will compensated from Boston Tea Party. As we know that America did it, because America got bored and wanted to fight the coloniazed by Great Britain.

We know if America never had problem with Great Britain, and the problem called Boston Tea Party. Maybe they did not really care about that now, but we can explain it from their. Why the Great Britain do that and what is the purpose they do it? From the incident above, we, as Indonesian people can get the lesson from America because they had a great passion to released completely from Great Britain, and we as Indonesian people must imitate their actions and the spirit of American’s revolution has inspired Indonesia to grab the independence.


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