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“And I will do everything that I can as long as I am President of the United States to remind the American people that we are one nation under God, and we may call that God different names but we remain one nation.”
-Barack Obama-

Barack Obama became the first African-America president and the first black president in U.S. ( He had succeed in getting the attention from people in U.S. But, many frictions happened when he became president. Why? In other case pros and cros always haunted him when he became president. However, this is not the problem to discourage’s Obama, he kept becoming president in U.S. and that is all give the answer to Obama because he can became president for period . Please, dont forget it! Obama has given a lot of improvements in the U.S.

This quote told us about Obama will do everything as long as he has became president in U.S. He wants American people to believe that they will live together, however they are different and Obama believes it too. The American people hold to principle that they are standing in one nation under God. Although the mention of God among the people with the other people who are different, but remember it is just a mention in name only. They are standing by religion (beliefs) not same but different. These are not things that can derail to unite into one nation. In addition, the quote Barack Obama also reminded the American people that they are one nation. Nation composed of different people but still emphasize that they are one nation.

This is not different with Indonesia. Why? As we know that, Indonesian people are not in one culture, especially about religion (beliefs).But, this is not the problem for Indonesian people to be united. As we know, that is not easy to be one and we must become one to live together.Coming back to the history in Indonesia, Spread religion in Indonesia is also based on the trade done by the western nations. Trade is conducted in Indonesia with the spread of religion. This is what makes many kinds of religions that exist in Indonesia.This quote want to explain us to belive that if we are not in one region (beliefs), it is does not matter. Please, keep in our mind, we can live together!

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Terdapat dalam [] diakses pada tanggal 6 April 2013


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