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Every four years in the presidential election, some new precedent is broken.

-Nate Silver-



Every country can not stand without the presence of the people region and sovereignty. However, it is all, can not be separated from the absence of a leader who is able to protect the community that is incorporated within the country itself. A leader in a country often known as the President. The President was elected because of the trust placed by the community provided to the President who was elected later.

President elected this could mean just as a head of state or head of goverment or goverment and head of state. U.S. presidential election is held every four years. It is not different from what happens in the presidential in Indonesia.

The quote is explained that with the presidential election held four years will not be in spite of the controversy. The controversy that occurred in this case could be said to disagree is with the election of a President they deem appropriate. They (voters) sometimes do the anarchists to describe capital against what was contrary to her wishes. They think sometimes brings the truth because there us a presence of a President who was elected because of a problem that occurred in it. In addition, if an error occurs in a presidential election usually deliver the impact that leads to ugliness. This can occur on the destruction of the impact of the mistakes made by the President himself.

There is a mistake that could be attributed to a President who have less confidence from its people. However, it can also give positive impact, namely by the President is indicated that he able to. This is one that can be done to embody absence of trust in given to the people on it. It does not mean it is all by the presence of problems flict occuring within his party’s alone. Problems in his party happened sometimes make the impact of who was very influential against the President himself.                      




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