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“Public opinion in this country is everything.”

-Abraham Lincoln-

Abraham Lincoln is the one of ex-President in United State. Lincoln was the 16th President for United State and the first President elected from the party of Republican. On his journey, Lincoln known from his diplomacy who manages to persuade Southern States to encouraging Southerners to lay down their arms and join speedily in reunion. In addition, Lincoln is the one of famous person because he is flexible and generous (    

In this quote who presented by Lincoln, the authors assume the conclusion that is meant by Lincoln, in his quote is a convincing statement that expressed opinions that the community is the most important thing for each country, especially United State. Public opinion is the public's view of the country he lived and with the opinion of the community, it will be helpful for smooth running of a system of Government. The system of Government in a country is very important for the sake of advancing his country. In addition, progress will also be posed by the presence of community opinion which is a depiction that want more attention from State to society.

Society is requirement specifically for the establishment of a country. Countries that understand the will and desires of the community incorporated in inverting, then it would give special explanations that the existence of this set of interests to achieve a country's interests that it is required to prosper society incorporated in it. The society became a single entity in the State are people who understand what you want to do his people.



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Terdapat dalam [] diakses pada 13 Mei 2013.



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