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Isolationism is over.

-Ralph Steadman-


Ralph Steadman was born in 1936. He started as a cartoonist and, through the years, has diversified into many fields of creativity. He has illustrated such classics as Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island, and Animal Farm (

Isolationism is the basic used by America in foreign policy issues. This politic is used since 18th century until 20th century (Cipto 2005, 195).However, in this way, the isolationism undergoing to change intopolitical activists.These changes occur because of the differences of principle used by America. As we know that, if the foreign policy of America used the isolationism, it can make American politic had to defend one party to the dispute.

This dispute is going to be a problem because of the war in Europe. The war over the area of Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii, the Phillippines, and Samoa Islands of Spain (Cipto 2005, 196). This happens because of the political isolationism shared by American because of the use of politics of America releasing himself with politic and replace it with a more aggressive political activists.


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